Zeto most of the time spends among the other workers. It would seem that he is an ordinary wasp, like any other of his species, but no one knows, that sometimes he "goes hunting" in the Hive.
Hive is a local club, that also cooperates with the big hotel, where the most voracious ones can "continue the fun" after visiting the club. It's very rare to see a wasp here, far from his fellows, so Zeto is a welcome guest here. Therefore, he has lots of admirers in the Hive, but he is very selective, not everyone can be his next "victim". And if you are lucky enough, to be chosen by Zeto, you'll get more love and pleasure than you ever had in your whole life, as soon as you get into the private room of the hotel. His sharp tip easily slides inside your hole and then you feel his whole thick, pulsating device. Every section, every rib of it makes you feel all his strong tension, stimulating all of your sensitive spots. And now you are all to himself, and only Zeto decides when it's enough. Sometimes when he is famished, he will hold you there all night long. But at the sunrise he will be already at home, gaining strength before the next "hunt"

Sex-toy Zeto made on the basis of an ovipositor of a Wasp. It is suitable both for novice and experienced toy-users. The sharp(but soft) tip makes insertion easy and comfortable. The special shape of the shaft, composed of spheres divided by rings, will give you vivid sensations, incomparable to anything else. A smooth increase in thickness will help you to get used to a bigger size as comfortable as it can be, so you can fully enjoy the whole length of Zeto.
  • Handmade dildo "Zeto"
  • Stickers
  • Flyer with tips for caring for a toy
  • 5% discount for the next order for you and your friends
  • A4 portrait of Zeto
  • One silicone paw