About us

How it started.

We've had the idea to make the toys like this for a while. But the key moment was just before the start. At that time we were pushed to start crowdfunding. So, at 17 Jan 2016 we started VK group and crowdfunding project.

Crowdfunding was going much better than we anticipated, and we got manufacturing tech in no time. We made it by ourselves to save money. Soon we presented our first device, Nico the dog.

Everything else was just a matter of time. We presented Carl the horse and Drake the dragon. It was hard, but we understood that that was just a beginning.

Drake's Shop today

Today we take orders from all over the country, and we haven't met any unsatisfied customer. We take individual approach to every one of our customers, and we always happy to help and give advice according to our own experiences.

About development: at this moment we invest everything in our growth. We want to increase choise of product by form and size as fast as we can. We're happy to try hard for you!

About quality and materials

We use only platinum-cure silicone. It's hypoallergenic and safe. It's also used in food and medical fields. Also we guarantee absence of any additives. We don't use flavoring in principle. Our product have absolutely no smell.

We have a few stages of quality control:
  1. Master-model stage. We watch our models so that they don't have any flaws.
  2. Model-creation stage. Any model with slightest hint of flaw is thrown out.
  3. Order-castng stage. If we see any flaw, we're gonna recast a model.