Dense Amazon jungles conceal a lot of unknown and unexplored things. They've become the perfect place for the pack of raptors headed by alpha-raptor Terriv. Forceful paws, durable scale disguised by the jungle color pattern, sharp fangs, and fulminant speed. That's why no one ever tried to conquer his territories. And for his pack, he is not only a strong and powerful leader but a smart, tender, and voracious partner. All his mates ready for Terriv's amorousness, and can always count on the attention of their Alpha, getting all the joy from his long and elastic device. Smooth and oblong tip fluently slides inside, giving the most vivid feelings with every wave of his shaft, while everyone else enviously wanting to taste this untouchable for them treasure inside of Terriv's sheath.

Dildo Terriv is one of the best choices for people who only started their journey in the world of such toys. The smooth shape of the tip makes insertion safe and gentle, and the gradually expanding width of the toy allows you to stretch yourself without any discomfort. The ribbed shape of a shaft in conjunction with a slow expansion of width provides unforgettable growing pleasure as the device slides inside.
And then, if you can fully take Terriv with his knot, that means that you are ready for expanding your collection with bigger toys.
  • A4 Portrait
  • Sticker
  • Flyer with tips for caring for a toy
  • 5% discount for the next order for you and your friends