Tauriy the Feral Dragon

Tauriy is a freedom-loving, noble dragon. In his journey, he visited a lot of different worlds and our world is not an exception. Some say, that encounters with him are always unpredictable and dangerous, but this dragon always knows what he wants, especially if you want the same. Moving closer, he pushes you with the whole body, so you feel the heat from him and his sheath. As soon as you touch it, you can feel the tension of his pulsating device, dripping his lube all over you. Rolling over on his back, Tauriy invites you to try it, to feel every centimeter of his ribbed device inside you. And now you can't resist wanting more with every thrust, slowly coming closer and closer to the knot.

Design and size of Tauriy adapted both for new and experienced users.
Ribbed shape amplifies pleasure, due to alternating stimulation of erogenous zones, and a smooth knot will help you come closer to orgasm with every thrust. Also, it's recommended to use Cum-tube feature for better lube supply and awesome tactile sensations during the process.
  • A4 Portrait
  • Sticker
  • Flyer with tips for caring for a toy
  • 5% discount for the next order for you and your friends
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