Endless seas and uncharted oceans always hid a lot of secrets. Dangerous and at the same time so desirable. Here Orian found himself a refuge. Lots of people want to find this orca, but not everyone is worthy to meet him, only the ones whom he choose by himself. His black and white skin, wet and shining in the light of the moon, seems so severe and cold. But as soon as you touch it, you will find out how tender and warm it is, and you'll want to touch him more and more, getting closer to the hottest place. His sheats where he hides ardent, soft, and feels like an endless device, that makes you want to taste it from the slim tip to the wide bottom, which is more massive and big, then anything you've ever tried. Only thoughts about how it will penetrate you, filling and stretching you more and more, centimeter by centimeter, will give you pleasurable and incomparable feelings. And can you imagine how satisfying it is in reality?

Orca Orian, firstly created for people, that already had an experience with toys and feel that they want even more. Or if you want to try "DeepPlay", then this device will be the best option. Soft and tender silicone and quite a big length will allow you to get to the deepest and the most sensitive points. Starting with a narrow tip and ending with a massive and wide base, this device will make insertion and smooth stretching comfortable and pleasurable, and big size and massiveness will give you an unforgettable feeling of fullness, especially if you are ready to take it all, to the very bottom.
  • A4 Portrait
  • Sticker
  • Flyer with tips for caring for a toy
  • 5% discount for the next order for you and your friends