Brooks the Anthro Lizard

Wild beast Brooks came from the western wastelands, searching for a new place to live. Notwithstanding the fact that he looks like a dangerous and unpredictable beast, you always know what he wants, all other living beings for him are just a way to satisfy his animal instincts. Huge height and powerful muscle allow him to accelerate at a rapid pace, leaving no chance for escape. Clutching "victim" with powerful paws, Brooks inserts his wet from lube head of a huge device. His salient shaft easily slides to the wide ring, followed by the most impressive part of it, the knot that's twice as big as his shaft. It firmly holds the device inside, before Bruks will satisfy his instincts, filling everything with semen.

Brooks is a toy suitable for more or less experienced users. The specific shape of the head provides very intense stimulation but requires some preparation with smaller toys. A detailed shaft with a ring-shaped nub enhances the pleasure of insertion, and a big springy knot will be an awesome final, giving you a sweet feeling of pressure on the right spot.
  • A4 Portrait
  • Sticker
  • Flyer with tips for caring for a toy
  • 5% discount for the next order for you and your friends